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4th Of July Hip Hop

I can't believe it's almost 2 years since I moved from Atlanta to China!

It's been a fantastic experience, and it's been filled with surprises and great experiences. Before I made the move, I recorded a mixtape called NoLove In The States. The title is is actually a triple meaning. 1. One of my nicknames is FlossDawg NoLove, and I knew it would be my last time recording in America for a while. 2. Around the time a began recording, cops in America were killing African-Americans left and right. Even before the Trump-era, racial tensions were high, and as a Black man, and definitely didn't feel safe, nor did I feel the love of my fellow American (white) citizens. 3. I had been dating a girl kind of off and on, and the experience was a rollercoaster of emotions that I let loose on some of the songs I recorded. The experience was definitlely special, but I just couldn't push myself to the love part of it all.

For my 2nd anniversary of being here in China, I'll be performing this mixtape, and it's always going to be crazy for me knowing who I was when I recorded this and how much I've grown since. Listen and download NoLove In The States here. And if you're in Guangzhou, come check it out live July 4th!