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Crack is Love! All About Perspective

(Sigh) Perception is a funny little thing…20 people can give 20 different interpretations of a definite thing, and each one could be…right… I cringed while typing that word, mostly because I hate it. Who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong? Some people skydive to get thrills, and others smoke crack…Both things are an adrenaline rush, and both things could get you killed (although, some would say crack smoking is a little safer). One just happens to be illegal (another word I cringe at, but we’ll save that for another day). One is “for Blacks” (and Rob Ford) and one is “for whites”. The funny thing is, for the Black or white person that is against one of those things, if you were to ask them how they feel about a family member who is addicted to one of those things, their reaction would probably be similar: “Yeah, he’s crazy, he’s always been wild, he’s gonna get hurt one day…” but the reaction wouldn’t be as negative than if that family was doing the race opposite activity: “What the fuck are you doing!? That’s (insert opposite race) shit!”

The real 1%, Rob Ford

Why is that? In my opinion, both activities are insane, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to know what doing those things feel like. Our society perceives those things as dangerous and taboo, but to the person doing them, its life. In fact, it’s HEAVEN! No greater feeling. Why knock them for that because of what society thinks?

The look of pure joy!

Let’s focus our attention on crack for a second…An addict lives, breathes, and would maybe even die for the feeling they get when they smoke. They lie, steal, break the law, and do things they would have never guessed they would do to be reunited with that feeling. For the non-user on the outside looking in, the addiction is pitiful. They say things like “What’s wrong with them? They have no control. They’re dumb. They’re sick. They need help. That would never be me.”

Now let’s imaging instead of the word crack, I used love…it’s an almost flawless transition, yet love is perceived as the epitome of true happiness. If love can ignite the same feelings as crack (both good and bad) why are we taught that that is what the world needs? People lie, steal, break the law, lose relationships, and go broke all in the name of love, yet our society puts it on a pedestal. If we fictionalized crack as much as we do love, it too would have its own holiday, but instead of cards and candies, people would exchange lighters and pipes.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Just as someone could argue that the world would be a better place without crack addicts, the same argument can be said about lovers. “They’re disgusting. I don’t wanna see that shit. Love is for dummies.”

(Sigh) Perception is a funny little thing.