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Why Other Generations Hate Millennials

Recently, it's been tough to go on the Internet or turn on the news without hearing some complaint about Millennials. "They're lazy!", "They're entitled!", yada yada yada. While generational criticisms aren't new (the Baby Boomers HATED Generation X), what IS new is the the environment, society, and overall way of life in 2017. Gone are the days of decorum, political correctness, and prudence (according any person born in the 60s). We live in the generation of SnapChat, memes, and WorldStar. An old ass person (no disrespect) may think to themselves, "Where did we go wrong?" or "That twerking sure looks difficult."

Pictured: Granny G, and the G stands for "Get it guuuuurl!"

However, in defense of Millennials all over the world, I'm here to say we haven't ruined society just yet! In fact, I think I've discovered the biggest factor that leads to generational jealousy (that sounds dope, don't bite it!).

We Succeed Earlier: Not only do we start businesses, we become businesses

Pictured: DC Young Fly

For older generations, the closest thing they had to YouTube and Instagram was Star Search and Showtime At the Apollo. Meaning, if you had any form of talent, you had to rely on either these mentioned platforms, incredibly hard work, or plain ol' good luck if you wanted to be discovered. Countless stars of today debuted on Star Search, such as Dave Chappelle, Beyonce,and Justin Timberlake to name a few.While the 2000s attempted their version of this format with American Idol, only a few long-lasting stars came out of the show's run (Kelly Clarkston and Carrie Underwood to name them all). While the show saw success, it only gave the big stage to singers, unlike the shows of yesteryear. While shows like The X-Factor and America's Got Talent have attempted to provide more opportunities to the unknown, nothing has proven more successful than the Internet. Countless individuals have become famous via YouTube, Vine, Instagram, SnapChat, and SoundCloud, including super model Kate Upton, fuckboy (loljk) Justin Bieber, rapper Chance the Rapper (lol), and comedians, Emmanuel Hudson and DC Young Fly (ATL!). The last two were able transfer telling jokes on YouTube and Vine into successful movie and television careers. If we left it up to traditional methods, we may or may not have ever heard of these people. And if you're one of those people who say "But those people are ACTUALLY talented and have a GIFT to offer the world! They would have been discovered regardless!", I see your "talent rules all" Drama Queen card and raise you not one, not two, but FIVE Kardashians!

And 2 you know it's real

Our music evolves too fast

The nature of creativity is evolution. Partly because it's pointless NOT to evolve (Why keep reinventing the wheel when you could try to build a spaceship?) and, it's human nature to seek out and appreciate new things. Because of this, it's natural for music to evolve and grow into new things.Gospel became Blues, Blues became Jazz, Jazz became R&B and all of those became a part of Rock and Roll. When one of those genres blends with another, as demonstrated by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and The Beetles, they're still classified as their original genre, and remain very distinct and defined. That however, is not the case with the go-to musical genre of Millennials, Hip-Hop. Hip-hop has been around since the 1970s, but it ironically gained prominence around the time most statisticians place the birth dates of the first Millennials; the early 1980s. While it started off safe with heavy disco influence (The Sugarhill Gang, Africa Bambatta), hip-hop began to color outside of the lines with acts like KRS-One, Run-DMC, and LL Cool J in the 80s. Over time, sub-genres and blending music from other genres became the norm, as well as highly successful. In today's world, sometimes singers are also rappers. Sometimes rappers are also singers. Sometimes we get lucky and stumble upon a 50 Tyson or a Desiigner. We've seen gangsta rap, conscious rap, social rap, political rap, jazzy rap, bass music, mafioso rap, bounce music, trap music, chopped and screwed, the bling bling era, horror core, emo rap, and even unfortunately, mumble rap.While the other musical genres mentioned have 50+ years of history, hip-hop has spawned all of these sub-genres, not to mention cultural aspects (graffiti, DJ'ing, break dancing, and countless contributions to fashion and pop culture) all in under 40 years. This accelerated evolution has shown no signs of slowing down with unique, genre bending artists such as Drake, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott at the top of their game.

The baby boomers don't mind taking care of us

Turns out George was on to something

A study has shown that a significantly greater amount of Millennials live with their parents compared to 1975. If you think about it though, it makes sense. Compared to previous generations, the job market is much more competitive, considering Millennials are competing with Generation X as well as Baby Boomers for jobs, and student loan debt has prevented a lot of Millennials from ever saving enough money to leave the nest. Also, previous generations benefited from a much friendlier housing market,having jobs with pensions and 401Ks, and have been their respective fields 20+ years. This makes their job security a non-issue because not many youngsters can compete with that kind of experience. Simply put, previous generations were afforded many more opportunities compared to Millennials, and their stability allows for them to have the means to continue to provide for their adult children. They already did it before, with the same job. As more and more Millennials continue to search for suitable jobs, less Baby Boomers are retiring and creating openings. Meanwhile, the following generation, Generation Z, are entering the crowded job market as well. This environment is probably why a study shows that Millennials are better at starting their own businesses than previous generations.

Older generations depend on Millennials for help with most Technology

I'll illustrate this point with the following dramatic reenactment:

Me at the office every time an older person interrupts my Morning iPod jam session

...and says "Fraaaaank?? Can you help me with the printer?"

*sees problem*

"You can't print on your recycled newspapers Mrs. Goldsteen"

I'm like:

But I respect my elders so I'm patient, until...

"Fraaaaank?? Can you take a look at my computer???"

And I'm like

"What made you think you could put a floppy disk in your laptop?"

I knew my patience couldn't take much more, but then I heard...


Pictured: Me thinking exactly HOW bad would it be to slap a coworker

"Can you help me with my FitBit?"