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Oldie But Goodie: Sweet Dreams by Frank D.

This song is special to me for 2 major reasons. Number 1, when I first heard this beat (at the time it had been used by some other rappers I know, shoutout to LXC), I KNEW I HAD TO RAP ON IT. It wasn't a want, but a need, or better yet an obligation. Fortunately, my dude kevobeats* was able to come through and send it to me. The number 2 reason is my first verse. It may sound strange to my non-rapper readers, but I SWEAR it was an outer body experience writing it. It's like I was in a trance or hypnotized or something. The story, words, and rhymes just came spilling out of my pencil. I wrote this song in 2011 when I was going to school in Greensboro, North Carolina, and I was inspired by a scandal that came out of my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia involving Eddie Long, a megachurch pastor who was in the news for buying million dollar private jets "for the church" and accusations of sexual misconduct.

In the first verse of Sweet Dreams, I paint a picture, of at first, a promicuous young lady, but quickly the attention focuses on her dad, a pastor selling dreams to his congregation while living in a way completely opposite of the good word. I end the verse by standing firm on the belief that if that's what sweet dreams are made of, I'd rather stay awake. (Sidenote: I BEEN "woke" before it was cool.) Check out the remastered version of the song below, and also check out the whole mixtape, Unusual Suspect (it's dope!) here