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Yo! Remy Ma, I'ma Let You Finish But...

So, I'm a Scorpio (#scorpioseason) and if you don't know, we are the pettiest species known to man. This is fact, not opinion ladies and gents. For the non-believers/non-Scorpios, take a moment to think about it: What's the most shadiest/foulest/pettiest thing you've ever encountered? Think about your family, friends and exes. What was the horoscope sign of that person? Exactly! With that being said,'s latest installment, I'ma Let You Finish, has the sole purpose of being the stage for my pettiness.

The title is an obvious homage to one of Kanye's greatest moments, who is unfortunately not a Scorpio, but a Gemini, although Geminis and Scorpios share a similar level of pettiness (hey Sis!). Now that you know the background, let's get to it!

If being petty was a professional sport this would be the logo

Yo Remy Ma! I'm really happy for you...

You are without a doubt one of the dopest female MCs ever. Not to mention, you are literally the only person in mainstream hip hop that battled in Fight Klub. And you did it while you were signed!

With the diamond Terror Squad chain and everything!

You have a classic verse on "Lean Back", did a 7 year prison bid for some pretty gangsta shit, then came back and did a Grammy-nominated single ("All the Way Up") with Jay-Z on the remix! To add icing to the cake and another layer to your legacy, you released SHEther, a scathing Nicki Minaj diss track (that she's yet to recover from)that knocked her all the way the fuck off her pedestal. After that, you released the first single from your official solo return, "Wake Me Up", with a FIRE second verse...

And I'ma Let You Finish But...


A Lil Kim feature? Really? First off, I listened to the song a few times and still can't tell exactly where she is on the song. If it's the hook, it sounds more like a sample than an actual person. If it's that auto-tune fuckery at the end, ewww. With that being said, LISTENING to the song was still tolerable. But the video...made me uncomfortable to say the least. It's a reason we haven't seen Lil Kim in music videos this decade.We all know a plastic surgeon did her dirty. We absolutely don't need a 3 minute and 37 second reminder. Maybe it's cool for the younger kids who don't know, but I vividly remember Lil Kim's original form, BEFORE she leveled up (read: down), and her "new look" is just plain awkward.Watching this video felt like watching an alien turn up in the mirror to Ludacris.


Impressive? Yes. Do I want to watch it longer than a curious glance? Fuck no. Not to mention, she literally contributes nothing to the song. I personally would appreciate it much more if it was just Remy rocking alone. She's way past the "OG co-sign" stage of her career, and if she was dissing Nicki Minaj in this track, it definitely got watered down by Kim's presence, considering Kim simply isn't a threat to anyone these days. Hopefully Remy's album has more to offer than beating the dead horse that is her Nicki Minaj beef. Ok, I'm done. *side steps off soapbox*



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