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Floss Was Thinking...Which jobs have the WORST attitudes?

Whether you're running errands, traveling, or just living like a boss in general, if you're an American, you've had to tolerate a TERRIBLE attitude dealing with one of these companies. Now, if my doctor or pilot was being an asshole, I would probably let it slide, because I generally know it's not too many things I could argue with them about. But the people who work for these places...they are something else.


If you're a legal driver in America and have never had to deal with dumb ass, smart ass, assholes at the DMV, cut your license in half right now! You've missed out on a traditional rite of passage as old as time itself. Back in the day, the DMV experience was a lot worse, known for long lines and slow service, but today, technology all but eliminates those issues. However, the attitude of some of the people that work there remain the same.

For example, my license expired for over a year and I had to get them renewed. The place I went allowed people to check in on a computer. One section asked if my license had been suspended. Technically speaking, that was true, considering I'm not allowed to drive with an expired licensed, not to mention, there was no space to click for expired licenses. Not wanting to make an unnecessary mistake, I apparently made a bigger mistake by asking someone who works there for help.

Based on her reaction, somebody watching would swear I knocked over her Corona while she was sun bathing or something. She was SO INCONVENIENCED! Then, she tried to act like I was the idiot because the form wasn't specific enough. I said my smart comments back and proceeded, but damn! One small question had that lady pissed! Why haven't they been replaced with robots yet?


I feel bad for the younger generations in America who travel or didn't travel before 2001, because they don't know a world without T.S. (muthafuckin) A. That's because they are a direct product of the terrorists attacks on September 11th, and therefore they are an everlasting reminder of the "Dubya Bush" era and the "war on terror". Please don't get me wrong here. I am against terrorist attacks (aren't most people?) but I am also against under-qualified individuals being in charge of my safety, especially when the go-to method they use is racial profiling.

When I say under-qualified, I'm not joking. To be a TSA agent, all you have to do is be over 18 (no college required!) drug free, a U.S. citizen, and not be in debt. That's it. They don't even ask for a GPA bruh. What happens when you give under-educated youth authority over literally every traveler? The answer is lots of disrespect, arguments, humiliation, and being held in a detainment office.

I've traveled all over the world, and I only ever have issues at the airport in America because of TSA. China has a BILLION people, and millions of them travel by plane every day, but their airport security, including customs, is smooth as butter, with NO ATTITUDE. America should take notes.

Financial Aid

Whether it's a big school, small school, rich school, or poor school, the financial aid department fuckin sucks. Mostly because of the attitudes you get from the people who work there. You would swear they're letting students borrow money from their personal piggy banks how they act (although that may have been true for Howard University). And talk about condescending! They make people feel like shit for trying to get money for overpriced books, overpriced tuition, and overpriced dorms.

If anything, they should make you feel like you walked in the Gucci store and give you a glass of cucumber water and a pastry. The school can definitely afford it. Of course 18 and 19 year old kids don't know what the fuck they're doing when it comes to grants, loans, and debt! Why be an asshole? They definitely wouldn't do it if the parents were there. If there were only a safe place to go on campus to receive that kind of guidance...

Cell phone stores

In a way, the TSA, DMV, and Financial Aid are gate keepers with a sense of entitlement; if you want to get a license, take a plane trip, or go to college, you can't avoid these places, so citizens generally tolerate the attitudes that come along with them. However, people that work at cell phone stores are not that. They can be helpful, but people don't absolutely need them to have a cell phone. That's why when people who work here have attitudes, it's dumb because they have no leverage, unlike the above mentioned companies. Nonetheless, that fact doesn't stop the attitudes, not even a little bit.

If you can't watch the above video, it shows a news clip from California where a cell phone store employee threw a fuckin remote at a customer! While I've had issues with the DMV, TSA, and Financial Aid, at least I know they're professional enough not to do that type of shit! But if you do a quick Google search for "cell phone store argument", you'll see that these employees are a different level of ratchet.

Towing Companies

While shows like Operation Repo and South Beach Tow are fictional, if you'd ever had your car towed for parking illegally or missing a few car notes, you know those shows are based on real life bullshit. These employees are the FUCKIN WORST! While the first four companies were designed to provide some sort of useful service, towing companies were made with the intention of fuckin up your day.

When dealing with them, it's no question they'll overcharge you, and if you argue, they simply hold your car hostage. This is one of those things where if you've been through it, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you haven't, it's kind of hard to explain. I'll just leave this video here, which is a dramatic reenactment of when my car was towed, except they don't knock on your door, and they are super super dickheads.