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Little Known Hip Hop Facts

First off, #hiphopislife. With that being said, anyone who knows me, knows I'm notorious for droppin' little known hip hop facts, even to my homies who are well versed in the field. So, I decided to share some facts every now and then with you KNURDs!

The same producer made career defining tracks for two of the biggest hip hop stars ever.

Eminem and Jay-Z are without a doubt two of the biggest hip hop stars ever, and a big reason they were able to reach the masses is a producer by the name of The 45 King. He produced Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life", which helped Jay enter the mainstream, and 2 years later, produced Eminem's "Stan", one of the greatest story songs of all time. Those remain his most notable production credits.

You (probably) already know 2Pac dated Quincy Jones' daughter...

but did you know his son, QD3 produced for 2Pac as well? He made a track for All Eyez on Me as well as produced the documentary Tupac: Thug Angel, in 2002.

The infamous East Coast/West Coast feud started in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Jermaine Dupri, the feud had less to do with Biggie and Pac, and more about the beef between Puffy and Suge Knight. Check out Jermaine Dupri telling the story while he was on Drink Champs.

Stay tuned for more Little Known Hip Hop Facts!