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Social Media and Relationships

In the above video, a young man is attempting to propose to his girlfriend. If you're not able to watch, spoiler alert, it did not go as planned. This article is not about why she said no, but about the atmosphere surrounding this young couple: a camera man, a sound guy, a lady recording on her phone, and a bunch of other people on and off-screen.

In today's era of social media dominance, where everything is recorded in front of a live studio audience, this situation doesn't seem very out of the ordinary. Even in the video clip, while the boyfriend is waiting for an answer, he tells the girlfriend not to mind the cameras.

The sound guy's face at 9 seconds

If you watch closely, she is trying to tell him no in a subtle way, but he responds "No? Are you serious?", and sounds just as dumb as he looks, frozen on one knee. In that moment, we see the product of when a shit ton of pressure hits the fan. Pressure, obviously felt by the girlfriend, since her answer (or lack thereof) is the only thing everyone around her is paying attention to. There is also pressure on the boyfriend. He clearly planned all of this out, spent money on a camera crew, and told their respective families to be there. He definitely didn't do all of that to hear "no".

Immediately after this happened, I'm sure they both felt the pressure of social media after this went viral. In a world where many people have grown numb to seeing proposal videos, most likely due to the overabundance of them online, it is indeed rare to see such a sweet moment be deflated in a matter of seconds.

The mood really flattened (pardon the dad joke)

That is the reason why this video inspired me to write an article and make a podcast. So much of that pressure stems from the culture of social media. First the proposal is uploaded to Facebook, then screenshots of the countdown to the wedding date three years later, then 30 posts from the engagement photo shoot, then yada yada yada, hashtag single again. Call me cynical, call me a hater, but my point is, social media totally ruins all of those moments for me. It all seems so disingenuous to me. Way too Cosby Show/Disney Channel for my Good Times/Cartoon Network tastes.

This will always be a 90s kid debate

Of course taste is opinion based, but what does the research say? This article addresses many aspects regarding the connection between relationships and social media, including social media addiction and how Facebook is becoming an increasing cause of divorce. I go into much more detail in my hilarious ass podcast, so check it out and tell me your thoughts. Has social media helped or hurt your relationship? Do you know anyone who has had a crazy relationship experience due to social media? Will relationships ever be simple again? Check out the podcast below, as well as here